How did Ozebuddy Start?

How did Ozebuddy Start?


Two relatively fit cyclists, Steve Brooks and Ray Moore have spent years keeping themselves active, coaching and trying to maintain being physically healthy. Then came along Michelle who wanted to get active and new to cycling, fearful about being left behind and not secure on a road bike she needed some buddies. With much encouragement, Michelle started riding and got to a level where she could ride longer distances. On many of those rides, the three would discuss ideas about how smart it would be to have a platform to allow people to meet other people in their chosen area of social and physical or physical use and encourage each other to take up an activity and or exercise.

After many years of planning, late nights and many discussions, Ozebuddy was formally launched in December 2017.

Michelle knows how difficult it is to stay focused on any activity especially exercise as being a mum, a career in the computer world it’s always been a struggle for her to commit to a regular routine. Michelle’s background is in corporate online platform development and business management.

Steve and Ray, on the other hand, have made fitness their lifestyle and nothing stops them from keeping themselves committed to regular activity. Both gentlemen have both had successful businesses and have an optimistic outlook on having a go no matter what your level of active commitment is. 

All three believe that it’s now time for a social change and take control of our health without waiting for governments to fund social and medical cures for illness caused by inactivity. Australia cannot afford the medical cost of a growing unhealthy population in the long term and the only way this can be reduced is for people to make the time to do more physical and social activities and control their own diet.

How is this achieved on a national scale? The Ozebuddy team believes if people meet other likeminded people in their local area (build social activity HUBS), they can buddy up and motivate each other. The outcome is accountability, turning up to meet and carry out their activity together, but the big tick is the social motivation that encourages people to keep moving. Perhaps a coffee or tea before or after a workout can be the motivation to turn up. Other outcomes are reducing loneliness which can have an impact on reducing other illness within society such as depression.

Ozebuddy is about increasing one’s activities or exercise at your own pace but most of all the enjoyment of whatever activity or exercise you chose to do.

The team at Ozebuddy has made membership a free platform for members to join and start their new active lifestyle. You set your own day and times when you can commit to regular activity and this is then noted by other buddies. The Ozebuddy team’s big focus is to remove the three largest excuses, financial, isolation, and lack of time.

Between the team, the activity mix creates a fun, balanced and structured direction for Ozebuddy.

We hope you will have a go and register at no cost, and let us know your positive story to share and inspire others.

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